Start and Intro
  • Trailer that I must have missed (could've been the same one as last week)
  • Smoke, flashing lights on stage. Music and then a dragon roar. Yoshi-P in a BLM costume comes out
  • Yoshi-P making fun of Koji Fox a bit
  • Yoshi-P starts out by talking/apologizing about high EU latency
  • Building new server location/datacenter for EU
  • Now talking about vocal opinion of players of cash shop, especially some worried opinions
  • Reiterates no pay to win
  • Minions sold in cash shop? NOT EXCLUSIVE to cash shop (I think, he said ingame and I may have misunderstood)
  • Using those funds to create more vanity/minions/etc. that won't just be cash shop-exclusive, or doing other things like adding the new EU datacenter. Want to use those profits to give back to the community
Heavensward Recap
  • A recap of Las Vegas Fan Fest (LVFF) info
  • Ishgard and location videos from the LVFF
  • Yoshi-P comes back out with a Batman shirt, says he loves in Batman and that he got his shirt in America
  • Recap of new lore from the LVFF
  • New playable race (no info)
  • Recap of features they're adding in
  • Currently battle team is working on the new raids
New Heavensward Info: Flying
  • New video
  • Flying Mounts (chocobo)
  • The black chocobos are probably the first flying mount when you enter the expansion (not a level 60 feature?) but it's not the only flying mount
  • Single-rider airship! They look aweeeeesome
  • All of the Heavensward areas have flying capabilities
  • Like other games, just press Jump to start flying
  • Seamless, only in 3.0 areas
  • Showed pictures of 3.0 areas that'll have lots of floating areas and landmasses
  • Emphasizing more than just black chocobos and airships as mounts, 6 flying mounts planned for 3.0 that could maybe be 7 depending on the EU crowd (so it'll probably be 7)
  • Maybe flying fat chocobo (jokingly)
  • In 3.0, increasing mount speed (not sure if ground speed or flying speed)
  • He wants one of the flying mounts to play an important role in the story. It has a cool design, so cool that they want to include a figurine in the Collector's Edition. So I guess 3.0's version of the Magitek mount. Also confirmed there would be a CE for Heavensward
  • Exploring the floating islands will be a cool type of gameplay. New treasures or rare monsters on those floating islands. Want to surprise players with all the new areas
  • Showed some pictures that are maaaybe a dungeon (they were coy about it)
  • Showed concept art of new areas. Can't accurately describe but they look amazing. Look completely different from what we've seen.
  • Dragons control the skies beyond Ishgard, so flying will always be towards danger
  • New Heavensward Info: Beast Tribes and Primals
  • Vanu Vanu (fat birds, kinda like moonkin)
  • Showed a really badass primal. Bismarck. New type of primal, something we haven't seen before. It's a flying whale with a huge horn. Hints that we'll fight it in an airship that maybe you fall off of and die (jokingly)
  • Want to surprise players, so there's still some info they're withholding.
  • Showed a prototype of Bismarck's ingame model, looks insanely detailed and epic
  • Since all their ingame models start out with really detailed prototypes, maybe considering making merchandise of them
  • 2nd tribe: Gnath. Look really alien. Don't seem to have eyes
  • Some LVFF videos showed off the art for their buildings (maybe in the Dravanian Forelands?)
  • Reiterates they look kinda dangerous
  • Their primal is a badass alien/bug Odin type thing. It's the XIV original: Ravana
  • Has like 8 arms and swords in all of them
  • The ingame model prototype also looks so insane
  • Different type of fight from Bismarck since it has legs
  • Ravana is a Lord of War, maybe an Odin type enemy (so the looks aren't the only thing that are Odin-like)
New Heavensward Info: New Job
  • Joked that it was the end of the keynote
  • Officially announce the Dark Knight, 2H Greatsword
  • Concept art looks really, really cool. Cool plate-ish armor (actually maybe not, maybe mail). Tank (boooo, sadness)
  • The slide says New Job 1, so maybe more being revealed today
  • Large weapons planned for it
  • Parrying and dodging as opposed to blocking
  • No base class involved!
  • Koji didn't even know this. When you buy Heavensward, you can be Dark Knight right away probably/maybe.
  • Dark Knight wields both a weapon and the power of darkness (which is like magic). Hopefully very different from Warrior/Paladin
  • Battle team working right now on its motions and animations
  • Power of darkness doesn't mean the character is evil
New job 2!
  • JK, being revealed at Tokyo
  • Yoshi-P takes off his Batman shirt, wearing a James Bond shirt underneath. Does gun motions, says he loves James Bond, says he loves the movie Man with the Golden Gun
  • End of the Opening Keynote
Patch 2.4 Notes (Preliminary) (10/24/2014) | FINAL FANTASY XIV, The Lodestone
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