(Courtesy of Xaeterna Se'tal on Behemoth)
Patch 2.4: 10/28/14
Shiva BGM is rock kinda like other primals with a female singer

Final Coil
  • Video of Final Coil. Showing all the rooms, looks awesome. No bosses in it (wanna keep it secret for world-first raiders haha)
  • Token system for Coil reward? Not doing it currently, but planning on implementing for new high-end raids. Looks like they're changing to loot-based lockout for 2.45 or 2.5 at the latest, where even if you cleared a turn and got loot you can run it again. There will be some adjustments for loot and stuff, but ability to help being implemented.
  • How many turns for Final Coil? 4 turns, just like 2nd. Bosses for turn 3 and 4 are really big spoilers (!).
  • Ninja get unique drops, especially for primal battles. For armor, will be able to equip monk gear. Attribute is DEX
  • All new weapons for ninjas. Up to 2.3 content uses monk armor.
  • Showing new sets. Showed ninja, Paladin, white mage, black mage?, warrior
  • iLvl needed for first turn of Final Coil? For world-first type raiders, gear you already have when 2.4 launches or soon after. Turn 2 might be tough with that gear, may need better gear.
  • Coil themed mounts? Looks like they're considering it (missed that for a second)
  • Will we see an Alliance-tuned turn against Bahamut? Good idea, but too hard to get 24 people together for such a difficult fight. But, 2.5 has the final area of CT, and in the expansion there will be more 24-man raids (no info on if it's the more accessible raids or not)
  • Someone saw an Ultros fight? Yes, there will be an Ultros fight (was mentioned in his panel yesterday). Video of Ultros fight, using cool retro music from FF6 (I think). First Typhon, then Ultros. Looks to be 4man
  • Will definitely be getting humor/comedy. Please look forward to it
  • Planning on Gilgamesh Extreme? May not be extreme difficulty, but new fight will have 8-arms in 2.5. Don't want the Hildibrand content to be hard, so any future Hildibrand battles will be easy because they want this content to be more accessible.
  • Hildibrand in Heavensward? It's up to the players. His current storyline will end in 2.5 (loud cheers from people who want him in 3.0).
  • When they added inns in 1.x and wanted to add mini-stories, they didn't think Hildibrand would be so popular as one of those.
  • Any chance his mother will make an appearance? She was in the 2.X storyline but something happened. Please look forward to it (this whole answer was in a jokey tone so not sure what was serious or not)
Item Level and the new Tomestone
  • Allagan Tomestone of Poetics (some confusion, so maybe they might localize differently?)
  • Going to be a lot of Rowena.
  • Phasing out Myth (which was already announced). Can exchange Myth for Soldiery at an NPC. Get rid of all your Myth and Philosophy. No need to horde or collect.
  • Can you upgrade Poetics gear using drops from Coil, like Sands/Oils? Yes, there will be that functionality in Final Coil.
  • Showing off new Ninja gear, new monk gear
  • New iLvl gear for crafting/gathering classes? Yes. There's some balance troubles with crafting classes, will adjust by 2.45 (made some comment about PS4 players having trouble, not sure why). Easier by 2.45 to get the good gear. Also more top-end gear introduced in 2.45.
  • Doubling amount of wards.
  • To get to new ward, same as before. Go to residential area, select a ward, but for each ward it's 30 new plots, so choose plots 31-60 for those new plots. (not too sure why they're putting Powerpoint slides and spending time explaining this). Then travel to desired subdivision via Aethernet. Then go to placard and buy.
  • Unlike in the past, must use Aethernet to reach new subdivisions.
  • No change in prices, things the same as 2.38, just more wards
General 2.4 Stuff
  • What cross-class skills for NIN? To get NIN, level 30 Rogue and level 15 PUG. Lancer cross-class.
  • Will Yugiri show her face? NO, maybe 2.5. She's the new race. (pretends that he didn't want that to slip)
  • Eternal bond and personal housing permissions? No plans currently, but definitely going to consider because they do have the ability to do it.
  • Special requirements for Eternal bond? Like limit of number of ceremonies you can perform in a day? Can only bond with one other character. Directions will be on Lodestone, you apply on the Lodestone (?) and you'll trade bracelets to signify. Then both go to an NPC to do ceremonies, then a ring is made after. There will be a schedule of ceremonies, and they're gonna be serious about the ceremony. Will use a reservation/schedule system. Once date/time decided, you get invitations to edit and give to other players. 2.45.
  • Showed picture of tuxedo/dress. Tuxedo looks cool/sharp. They'll be available 2.4 to get ready for 2.45. More clothing sets apparently in addition to these.
  • Increase ATMA drop rate? Yes, will increase in 2.4. More than double their drop rate. Trials of the Braves books will be bought with Soldiery but it'll be better exchange rate so it'll be easier to get the currency for them.
  • Ninja nexus is really really good.
  • Can you make it so actions don't go on cooldown when changing jobs/classes? They set the penalty in the first place to avoid cheesing to reset recast timers, but they understand that it's kinda frustrating so maybe if you're in a safe zone or near an Aetheryte there's no penalty. So not a change but they're considering it.
  • Tiring to cast Stoneskin on each party member, any changes? (jokingly Yoshi-P says to delete Stoneskin). Before 2.0 they actually wanted to get rid of Stoneskin. Possible new changes where out of combat can cast on multiple targets. Figuring out how to implement it specifically, so not 2.4, but it will be done.
  • Chocobo barding with FC crest? Yes, OK.
  • Dying Allagan gear? They have a lot in store for Allagan gear, so please wait because lots of cool things happening with Allagan gear.
  • Increase drop rate for Extreme Primal mounts? Why not, will be done in 2.4. Drop rates for ALL mounts increased.
  • Leviathan mirror drop rate also increased.
  • Any difficulty decrease for 2nd Coil in addition to Echo? Getting a lot of no's from the crowd who say it should be hard. Can use DF and no weekly lockout for 2nd Coil in 2.4. Same thing as 1st Coil in 2.2. After 2.4, will see how players handle 2nd Coil before starting Echo. Then they're easing up on the difficulty, looking at specific mechanics (for example getting rid of 1-hit-kill mechanics and changing it to a long petrify). Won't make it so easy so that anyone can do it, and want people who already cleared to look at changes and say "they didn't change too much." The timing of Echo will maybe be 2-3 weeks after 2.4.
End of Q&A
Post-Q&A Stuff
  • Gold Saucer/Chocobo racing. Showed a picture of Chocobo racing, which is in development. Looks like young/chibi chocos too. Players will control their own chocobo in the races, breeding and raising Chocobos. Please look forward to it. Released around 2.5x ish (so not 2.5 proper)
  • Planning on breaking 2.5 into two parts, with Gold Saucer in 2.5 part 2. Triple Triad confirmed.
  • Minigames, Gold Saucer, Chocobo Racing, Triple Triad all released all at the same time.
  • Optional items sale (microtransactions?) begin 10/28/2014. Fantasia sales per character. Pumpkin head helms for $3.00, so past seasonal event items will be available. No pay-to-win. (still, I'm predicting major outcry haha).
  • New minions in the shop (wind-up Y'shtola, Yda, Papalymo for $5).
  • Sleipnir mount (no price given).
  • First artbook from first fan fest available soon on the Online Store. Comes with wind-up Enterprise minion.
  • Deliver Moogle Plush sold first at the fan fest, then soon sold on the Online Store.
  • Asks how many people want fat choco plush, huge applause haha.
  • Details on All Saints' Wake (same as on lodestone)
  • London fan fest next Saturday, will announce even more about 3.0.
  • Tokyo fan fest 12/20-12/21, lots of information there too. Tickets available to purchase 10/21. 2nd purchasing window open later, and more same-day tickets (but only a few).
  • Please look forward to it!
  • PVP? Rank cap going up in 2.4, new rewards, continued balancing. 2.5 will add new rules (?) and then after that new maps and areas. Please look forward to them.
End of Live Letter