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When I was a kid, I was all about knives and ninja. Maybe Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles had something to do with it but I always told myself, "I will be ninja". HIYA! That time has finally come! 

Square Enix just released a YouTube video of what the new DPS class will be doing in patch 2.4 of FFXIV. The release date of the patch has not yet been announced but I am fairly certain it will be soon. 

The YouTube video of the ninja job has some amazing graphics. There is stealth mode, jumping, back flips and even fire breathing! Yes. FIRE BREATHING. 

There has also been some theory crafting as to what main stat the ninja will possess. Do you think ninja main stat will be strength or dexterity? Take a look and guess!

Winter is Coming

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Square Enix confirmed today that they are currently in the works of developing the next patch for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

Patch 2.4 will be known as Dream of Ice. Here is the official logo to patch 2.4:

To gamers that don't know the hint behind the title "Dream of Ice" - it highlights a new primal boss called Shiva. No, not the hindu god of destruction...well...maybe. Anyway, Shiva is one bad-ass character, and probably one of my favorite primal in all of Final Fantasy Games. For one, she has BOOBIES! Another thing is that, she likes to snap her fingers while freezing you in place and BANG BANG - you're dead. For instance, check out this old video of her in FFX snapping like a baus!

(Shiva: Guuurl! Don't make me freeze you)

Did I mention Square Enix has confirmed Shiva will snap her fingers in this patch? (This is one of those moments where I commend Square Enix for their detailing of the game).

Asuna hehe that title though xD made me giggle.
Kloud That sassy finger snap
Nyieve a I hate cold but I am dreaming of ice!
Final Fantasy XV is here! Are you looking forward to playing it? It looks pretty awesome!

Nyieve a I am excited for it. I love innovative direction. There would never be anything new if no ever tried to be new. It looks ...
Crx a yeah , i was really blown away with the direction of the game but it looks really fun to play !
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